Created from within a commercial contracting corporation with
over twenty years of new and remodel construction experience.
• Resources and knowledge to accomplish any project
• “Out of the box” mentality making any project possible


• Electrical troubleshooting and repairs
• Circuit breakers and fuses
• Outlets and switches
• Dedicated computer circuits
• Interior/exterior lighting (all types)
• Ceiling, attic and all types of fans
• Panel and meter upgrades
• Data and communication lines


Through scheduling and quality installation, we can make your
relocation as easy as moving and plugging in your equipment.
Upgrade existing office with light fixtures, receptacles, telephone,
and data devices/cabling to give you what you need.

Additional Equipment

• Flush-mounted devices in existing walls for office equipment
• Surface-mounted devices, disconnects and conduit for
warehouse equipment
• Flush floor-mounted devices and conduits for equipment
not located near walls
• Flexible ceiling-hung connections and conduits for
equipment located near walls
If you have the equipment, we can provide the right connections
to have you upand running in the leastamountof time



• Fast response and quality repairs to keep your facility
well lit and secure
• Monthly maintenance contracts

Suite to Fit

From single circuit breaker and lamp replacement to 200,000 square foot building service upgrades and modernization. No project is beyond our capabilities.